Cleaning 02 sensor with acetone

I was wondering if there was an additive to put in my fuel or something that will clear the o2 sensor so I don't have to get it replaced or do I have to get it fixed? Thank you for your help! Looking for short cuts is not going to help. The O2 sensor is no longer good. It's function is to detect emissions that cars give out.

Chances are is that your car is fine but the O2 isn't. Therefore, you must replace it or it will not pass inspection when that time comes. The price the mechanic gave you is the average price. You should not touch or clean the o2 sensor at all. It is a very sensitive sensor and will fail if any contaminants or cleaners are poured on it. It's quite an easy job if you have some simple tools. See this video and see if you want to try it out.

cleaning 02 sensor with acetone

You should change it. It is an electrical item and should not be tampered with as to not set off anything else. Check out this site. O2 sensor for 60 bucks or so. It costs so much to replace them because there are at least 2 of them on your car. How would that even be possible? Whatever you put into the fuel tank or spray through the intake will have to go into the cylinders first. Answer Save.

How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Bandit Lv 7. Nope, No liquid mechanic. Price seems high. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Is it safe to clean your catalytic converter by pouring some lacquer thinner in your gas tank and running the engine for about miles as Scotty Kilmer suggests in this video?

BTW - often on an OBD2 system, a catalyst code will get set when the real problem is that the oxygen sensors are getting old and slow to respond.

How to Clean a Bad Oxygen Sensor

Do your oxygen sensors have more than k miles on them? I would never run any amount of lacquer thinner thru an electric fuel pump in the gas tank. Most fuel pump assemblies have mostly plastic components. And if some plastics are exposed to lacquer thinner it melts. Being aggressive solvents, they might clean your fuel injector nozzles. Manolito - Yes - well over k on the sensors.

I knew it was too good to be true. What about cat cleaners? I have to remember this website in the future! All you know from the reading is that the O2 sensor is saying somethings wrong. Basically the code is just set due to O2 sensor readings. The thing to do next is look at the signals coming from the O2 sensors with a graphing scanner or oscillo scope. I did a lot of googling on this, after I got the dreaded last weekend going down the mountains into Orizaba, at rpm in second.

A lot of negative thoughts, but I also encountered on several forums people who had actually tried it, and it worked for them. It is kind of scary to think of pouring the stuff in my gas tank, though.

It will take time to dissolve parts to the point that they develop leaks. Still, anything that contains a variety of aggressive solvents will likely damage something in the fuel train given enough time.

Thanks for the posting. Get the stuff in and drive it out ASAP to reduce contact with any parts that might be affected.

The few people who said they tried it and it worked, no one said they had any problems as a result. Then, drive and drive until the gas is nearly gone, which should only be a few hours and fill the tank, which will dilute the remaining stuff to a very low level.

Once I fill the tank, whatever percentage is there will be there for a long time. Speed limits here in the country are under 40 mph, so maybe I could run it in second at rpm. All I have is a cheap Actron code reader. I need to put on my thinking cap. The mechanic, jlsparky7, popping up on Youtube, said that some vehicles are purposely sent out from the factory with an extended response time.

Oh, well. Thanks again, to jlsparky7 and js7b! Not if you are required to pass smog verification. Fortunately, I am not. Not yet. They have discussed making import cars by retirees be verified, but not yet.

However, this is a Texas car, and eventually I will have to take it back, where it is required to have state inspection. It was suggested I take it to Houston if I wanted to know how good it was on smog. But, I am told there is a problem on state inspection, not sure if that is state wide.

Cleaning O2 sensor

More Googling. Still most comments are hypothetical, what I call guesses, how bad it is, and very few who have actually tried it, and they virtually all say it worked.Diagnostic indicates it is the o2 sensor.

How To Clean o2 Senser Restore MPG!

Took out the sensor and it is blacker that my boots. Can I just dip it in some oven cleaner before retrying the test? Heck, dude. I never heard of anyone doing that before. I've seen oven cleaner used for cleaning baked on oil off engine blocks before but not electrical components. What the heck; give it a shot. If it doesn't work what does it matter?

Your mechanic has already told you that you need a new one anyway so what have you got to lose. Code shmode!

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If you mechanic said the sensor's faulty then trust that. Clean the darn thing and slap it back in. It may be that the carbon deposited on it is the only problem.

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A Sunfire has a single wire o2 sensor that does not have a heater. You can't harm anything. I would just replace it and know its fine. The one s in my dakota were very black and i cleaned them and put them back in and the code was still there. My code went away, as the computer thought the air after the cat was cleaner than the air before it.

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I replaced the cat anyways, as it needed to be done, but this kept the light off till i had the cash to buy the cat. I was able to do this because I'm smarter than a computer-I can count past one. Depending on the specific code, this may or may not work. P is the code that mine always gave, the shop my dad took it to kept saying it was the O2 sensor, i knew better.

First off O2 sensors are very sensitive to chemicals, the heat they live in is over degrees and usually that heat will clean them naturally. More importantly is what gas was too high on your emissions test.

This is based on the soot you talked about. Cleaning the sensor will not work and is simply a waste of time. I imagine you have a check engine light on, if not make sure it comes on with the key in the on position with the engine off. If this is the case the I have my doubts about the o2 sensor. More information is needed before any further help can be provided.

O2 sensor communicates with ECU and controls the emission and fuel mixtures. Replace the O2 sensor now if you don't want to replace the cat converter sooner. Cleaning it won't do you and your car any good. It won't work. I've never heard of anyone doing that before but it sounds like you have a plausible idea- just make sure to disconnect your battery first, remove the O2 sensor and make sure its completely dry before you reconnect it.

I wouldn't use oven cleaner because its a bit too caustic. I'd use a non-acetone based carburetor cleaner and make sure that it dries completely! Worst case scenario you'll have to replace it anyways. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. How do you think about the answers?Your car's oxygen sensor is a vital component of the exhaust system.

Over time, oil, fuel and coolant can cause soot and other contaminants to build up within the sensor, which results in reduced performance that eventually leads to inefficient combustion of gasoline in the engine. If your O2 sensor has become corroded, you should simply purchase a new one.

However, if you're looking to save a few bucks, you can also try cleaning your current oxygen sensor to improve its performance. Remove your oxygen sensor from the engine. For instructions on how to do this, please see the Resources section.

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Inspect the oxygen sensor. If any visual damage is found, then no amount of cleaning will help restore its function. Discard it and buy a new one. If the sensor looks normal, continue to the next step. Fill your container with gasoline and place the O2 sensor inside. You only need enough gas to submerge the entire O2 filter. Close the container. Then gently rotate the container so that the gasoline swirls inside.

This allows the liquid to wash through the sensor. Let the sensor sit in the gasoline overnight. In the morning, rotate the container again to re-agitate the gasoline.

cleaning 02 sensor with acetone

Remove the oxygen sensor and dry it with a paper towel. You will probably want to wear rubber gloves to keep the gasoline from getting on your hands. Reinstall the sensor into your engine. This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.What do you recommend?

The short answer is that our strongest gasoline fuel additive, B Chemtool Total Fuel System Clean-Up partand a good tune-up might indirectly solve your problems. The long answer is as follows…. There are no true oxygen sensor cleaners that are safe to put through your engine.

While some people choose to remove them and use a wire brush or an aerosol cleaner to remove deposits, we do not recommend trying to clean O2 sensors. We feel their function is too critical to risk damaging the sensors and possibly and erroneously altering the air-fuel mixture. Additionally, the threads of the sensor s may not survive multiple removal and installation cycles. As for the catalytic converter, you cannot directly clean one while it is still on the car, because anything that is safe to run through the engine will be converted to CO2, O2, and N2, none of which will do any cleaning.

Again, though, you do have some options. However, if the catalysts or the supporting structures are physically damaged, then nothing can be done to resurrect them. This can happen, for instance, as a result of prolonged unburned fuel exiting the combustion chamber due old or bad spark plugs, broken spark plug wire, dirty combustion chambers, etc.

When this occurs, the catalytic converter can get too hot and start physically breaking apart over time. If this has happened, then no cleaner in the world can fix it, and the component will simply have to be replaced. Using will clean fuel lines, fuel injectors, intake valves in non-direct-injection motorsand combustion chambers. Best of luck! Question Tags: cleaning fuel additives O2 sensor.Your car has at least two sensors, and when one of them goes bad, you need to do something about it.

Can you clean an oxygen sensor? No, despite what you might have heard or read, such sensors should be replaced when they become faulty. Otherwise, your car may run poorly with a noticeable drop in fuel efficiency.

The number of oxygen sensors present vary according to engine type. Inline four-cylinder engines, inline-six and V6s, and V8 engines have three sensors apiece, with one located on each engine bank and a third found downstream. Transverse-mounted V6 and V8 engines have four sensors, including one on each bank, one downstream and the fourth found at the rear of the engine.

All you need is for one faulty oxygen sensor to cause problems for your vehicle. Thus, you must identify which sensor is defective. You may have found information online on how to clean an oxygen sensor. Usually, these instructions are quite detailed, explaining how to carefully remove the sensor, apply a cleaning agent and return the unit to its previous location. However, this information is misleading as oxygen sensors are designed for replacement, not cleaning.

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No car manufacturer supports cleaning sensors. In fact, you always risk voiding a warranty if you attempt to clean a sensor and something goes wrong later. Oxygen sensors may be tested for effectiveness. The way this works is that a digital voltmeter and back probe are used. Once the surrounding wires are inspected and ruled out as a possible problem, then start the car and allow it to run until the engine temperature hits at least degrees Fahrenheit.

The voltmeter and back probe are then used to measure a set number of points under specific conditions. As you might imagine, experienced mechanics are often called upon for oxygen sensor testing.

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This will also ensure that the correct faulty oxygen sensor is identified and replaced, saving you money. Yes, technically you can. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. He since moved on to learn a few things about coefficient of drag, G-forces, toe-heel shifting, and how to work the crazy infotainment system in some random weekly driver. Matt is a member of the Washington Automotive Press Association and is a contributor to various print and online media sources.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Can You Clean an Oxygen Sensor? By Matthew C. Test Your Oxygen Sensor Oxygen sensors may be tested for effectiveness. Related Articles. By Blair Lampe March 30, Now What? By Mike Hagerty February 4, Keegan January 25, What Is a Throttle Position Sensor?It removes particulate matter and other harmful emissions prior to exiting the tailpipe. Eventually, this part will become clogged with excessive carbon buildup and will require cleaning or replacement.

However, cleaning your catalytic converter is not as easy as you might think. Then, decide whether to clean or replace the catalytic converter.

An emissions test will download the stored OBD-II trouble codes that might be related to the failed test. If the catalytic converter is the problem, the majority of the time it is past the point of cleaning and will require replacement.

Here are three items to verify before attempting to clean the catalytic converter. The best method is using water and lacquer thinner. However, there is no proven step or process for cleaning the catalytic converter this way, so you might want to search online for a few additive cleaners, such as Oxicat or Catacleanthat help remove carbon deposits slowly before attempting.

As we indicated at the beginning of this article, cleaning a catalytic converter is not recommended by any vehicle manufacturer. It can damage the internal catalyst and render this mandated system useless. The best solution is to have a professional mechanic replace the catalytic converter.

cleaning 02 sensor with acetone

The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Catalytic Converter Replacement. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2, U. Fast, free online quotes for your car repair. Schedule Catalytic Converter Replacement.

Service Area. Average rating from customers who received a Catalytic Converter Replacement. Determine the Root Source of Your Failed Emissions Test 90 percent of the time a failed emissions test is incorrectly diagnosed at the point of inspection. To inspect the inner catalytic converter, it needs to be removed first.

Check for damaged internal parts: If the catalytic converter is the source of your issue, inner parts will be loose or damaged in most cases. One quick way of checking it is lightly tapping the catalytic converter with a hammer and listening for any rattling sounds. These noises indicate damage and require replacement.

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